Adidas's Pure Boost DPR In - Depth Assessment

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While ADIOS BOOST, the pure speed shoe, and Energy BOOST, are already in the running shoe matrix at Adidas. Though they all use BOOST midsole, Adidas added EVA material to the midsole for a better sense of speed.

By contrast, it seems that there's really less of a Pure BOOST mid-sole speed shoe, which is why these Pure BOOST DPR shoes are available.

Adidas Pure Boost - Adidas Pure Boost Chill Black


Although the Pure BOOST DPR design is different from the Ultra BOOST, it is possible to see the connection between the two. The overall design style is more in favor of the speed type structure, and the streamline of the running shoes is more clear. Plus, the combination of the midsole and Knit, Knit vamp of the full BOOST is more reminiscent of the Ultra BOOST.



Pure BOOST DPR's solid feet don't feel as soft as cushioned running shoes, but they won't be as stiff as traditional speed running shoes, thanks to the addition of a sole to BOOST. To put it simply, Pure BOOST DPR is a combination of the two, with some soft features and a more comfortable springback performance.


All of this, of course, comes from the fact that Pure BOOST DPR is powered by the midsole of BOOST.


As for the vamp part, Pure BOOST DPR doesn't use the Primeknit vamp on Ultra BOOST, but instead USES another slightly similar Knit vamp. Although on the surface, the difference between the two is not big, but after the upper foot, it can be clearly felt that Pure BOOST DPR's vamp is generally elastic and has a stiff feel.


In addition, Pure BOOST DPR's vamp USES a more conventional discrete design, so it takes a long time to flatten the tongue each time you wear it. The tongue can also be tilted to one side during longer runs.

Adidas Pure Boost - Adidas Pure Boost Chill Gray


BOOST midsole has proven itself in a number of Adidas running shoes, so Pure BOOST DPR with full sole BOOST doesn't need special emphasis.

The midsole front and rear palm height difference of Pure BOOST DPR is 8mm, the front palm height is 17mm, and the back palm height is 25mm. This setting is basically similar to the current speed training shoes, except that the height difference of 8mm is slightly larger for the speed training shoes.


In running, the cushioning sensation of Pure BOOST DPR is more obvious. When the feet land on the ground, they have a thicker supporting feeling, which is very concentrated, mainly located in the center of the rear palm. BOOST material's resilience can quickly provide upward springback feedback after buffering. The whole process is smooth and the rhythm is brisk.

Because of this experience, it's easy to get into Tempo training on cruises while wearing Pure BOOST DPR for speed training.



Pure BOOST DPR's support performance is a little more laborious than its excellent buffering.

Pure BOOST DPR also relies on the elasticity of the vamp itself to wrap the feet, but the Knit Knit upper is far from the Primeknit upper in both elasticity and comfort, and Pure BOOST DPR also USES an Uncaged design for both sides of the feet in the vamp. As a result, Pure BOOST DPR's support to the midfoot relies only on LACES and Knit Knit upper.


To reduce the weight of the shoe, Pure BOOST DPR removes the anti-twist device on the midsole. Although the device didn't do much in the Ultra BOOST.

Pure BOOST DPR, which does not have a midsole support design, has slightly poor support for people with heavier running posture in road running, and is more suitable for runners with strong foot control and light running posture.

Adidas Pure Boost - Adidas Pure Boost Chill Stan Smith Ftwr White


Without much elastic Knit upper, the performance on durability is not very good either. If under the use of higher intensity, the toe part of the vamp is easy to be worn, thus affecting the wearing. And the outsole part, Pure BOOST DPR also did not use horse brand rubber outsole, but only the more common wear-resistant rubber. Although there is also a four-way elastic net structure design, but also can not withstand the use of greater strength.

So we've positioned Pure BOOST DPR's lifetime at 5-6 full marathons, or 450+ km total road runs.



The Pure BOOST DPR is positioned more like a lightweight version of the Ultra BOOST, with the full BOOST midsole, paired with a classic knitted vamp that brings a different experience from traditional speed running shoes.

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