Super Pegasus - Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo

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Super Pegasus - Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo


In May 2017, the whole marathon break of the sensational lap was remembered by many runners. The challenger Kip Jog's Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite boots also became the focus of the spotlight, progressive ZoomX The midsole, ultra-lightweight weight, and exaggerated exterior design attract the runners to try, but the high price and the small number are prohibitive.


Since then, Zoom Vaporfly 4% running shoes have met the special needs of the game shoes, but many runners hope to have a daily training running shoes that also use ZoomX midsole technology, because Zoom Vaporfly 4% usually wear It’s too strong to get up, and most runners don’t really need such fast response speed. It’s in this demand that the new Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo running shoes came into being, the midsole of the shoes. Without carbon fiber board, carbon fiber board adds hardness to enhance propulsion, helping runners to “bounce” from the ground quickly, resulting in a fast and slightly firmer foot feel. Marathon champion Kupogog also said that running shoes with carbon fiber board support is the best choice for the match day, but for daily training, this response is a bit too fast. Nike ZoomX foam not only has excellent energy feedback, but also meets the runner's pursuit of comfortable feet in daily running training.

The runners who often participate in the competition are very familiar with the lightweight running shoes. Whether it is the ultimate marathon running shoes or the ultra-lightweight in daily training, the ultra-thin midsole design is adopted in the same way, and the midsole of this pair of Zoom Pegasus Turbo It is not particularly thin, but it is very light. ZoomX foam is also Nike's lightest foam material to date. The men's single US10 yard weighs about 238 grams, while the women's single US8 yard weighs only 196 grams.


In addition to being light enough, Zoom Pegasus Turbo's cushioning is also outstanding. Compared to other Nike foam materials, Nike ZoomX foam provides superior energy feedback and more flexibility. So far, only Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% running shoes and the new Best Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo running shoes have ZoomX midsole technology, while the first two are more suitable for use during the game, and the Zoom Pegasus Turbo is more suitable for daily training. use.

The main technical points of Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo running shoes include the following: ZoomX midsole, 10mm front and rear height difference, the upper is made of translucent upper and the laces are interwoven with Flywire. The small waffle on the rubber outsole The pie-shaped raised design enhances cushioning and provides multi-face grip.

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