Excellent Running Gear: Air Zoom Running Shoes

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Excellent Running Gear : Air Zoom Running Shoes


Air Zoom is Nike's top technology, and a good pair of Nike running shoes is of course a soft bomb. Zoom is a relatively thin and light air cushion, but it has a strong cushioning.


In the middle of the Zoom is a lot of nylon fiber. The upper and lower ends of the fiber have a plane of fabric, and the air cushion is filled with special gas. The combination of these fibers and special gas has long been the characteristics of Zoom soft and soft, and will be used in Zoom. In running shoes, it can enhance the cushioning feedback of the feet during the movement of the running shoes, and can greatly reduce the weight of the running shoes.


Let me introduce you to the light and soft Air Zoom running shoes!

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01 Nike Zoom Pegasus32


As we all know, Pegasus is a Pegasus in ancient Greek mythology. Nike puts such a good meaning in this series of shoes, which shows that Nike is very fond of this series of shoes. Pegasus32 can be said to be a peak of this series of shoes, 32 inherits 31 of the matching upper, plus dynamic flying line, the package can be said to be the lever. In terms of cushioning, the Zoom in the midsole significantly reduces the impact when landing in the foot of the running process.

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02 Nike Flyknit Racer


A special feature of the Nike Flyknit Racer is the Flyknit upper, which is woven from polyester yarns. The one-piece, seamless design combines good flexibility and support. The whole shoe looks slim and slender, and it is more suitable for people with wide feet. The Zoom on the shoes is not particularly prominent in the configuration of the shoes, and the outer bottom of the waffle rubber combines the diamond-shaped lines specially designed for running, which makes the shoes have a good grip.

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03 Zoom Superfly Flyknit


I heard that this shoe was finally developed after three years of research and development. It uses a propulsion system that helps speed up and a two-leg locking system similar to the new Zoom Superfly Flyknit spike. The shoes can be perfectly attached during running. With the two feet (the definition of the official website, Xiaobian feels a bit exaggerated). One of the big disadvantages of a shoe with a sock is that the part of the sock is easy to wear during running (and the inner liner is a reason).


04 Nike Zoom Structure


Structure is a Nike-stabilized running shoe. The stability system means better support. The shoes are designed with deep curved grooves to enhance flexibility, achieve smooth transition and provide support for the arch; left and right palm-shaped outsole For those who have insufficient internal rotation, they have been corrected to some extent. In terms of shoe fit, these shoes feature Dynamic Fit dynamic fit technology to cover the midfoot for a personalized lock fit. For the feedback of Zoom, it is still a standard pair of Zoom runs.


05 Nike Zoom Vomero 11


The Vomero 11 is a high-profile shoe with a front-to-back Air Zoom air cushion. The foam in the midsole is Lunarlon, Lunar's soft, and the front and rear Zoom's. You can see the shoes here. The cushioning is very powerful. The upper is a modified design version of Flymesh, which optimizes the fit of the forefoot and provides just the right breathability and support.

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06 Nike Zoom Eltte 8

Eltte 8 didn't give much surprises. The biggest feature was the grip and the rebound of the front air cushion, but it was similar to the previous Structure. In contrast, the support performance of Structure is more powerful. If it is based on the road, the friends who run occasionally can consider this pair. The appearance is still relatively good, and the price is relatively affordable.


07 Nike Zoom Odyssey


 Zoom Odyssey is suitable for people who usually have a painful running arch because it uses a triple-density foam midsole combined with a dynamic support platform to slow down the internal rotation of the foot and provide superior support and stability for both feet when turning. Its wear-resistant outsole is integrated into the curved groove design, which can enhance the grip of the shoes.

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08 Nike Zoom Streak LT 3


The Zoom Streak LT 3 gives a small pair of marathon running shoes with an arched outsole that overcomes complex terrain. The midsole is equipped with a stabilizer to strengthen the anti-twist ability of the shoe body, but it is not enough to rely on the stabilizer. The fit of the shoe is not particularly good, which makes the forefoot of the shoe easy to deform during the acceleration process.


Finally, I hope that you don't want to go to ZOOM to choose some soft ZOOM running shoes. Generally, the running shoes are not very strong. When your training intensity is increased, it is easy to cause pain in the arch and the muscles of the foot. hurt. ZOOM is a good kind of air cushion, but choosing the right running shoes with ZOOM will make ZOOM this cushion more worthy of its own value.


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