Nike Air Max 97, Its Birth So Legendary!

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In 2017, NIKE brought the amazing NIKE Air Vapor Max, which instantly rekindled people's enthusiasm for the Air Max. In addition to the new Max, NIKE is bringing Air Max 97 back into the spotlight with its 20th anniversary. Just in time for the arrival of the retro style, these old shoes have become the favorite of the fashion people. The ICONS have also displayed their own bullets, and the Air Max 97 has become the standard of the fashion people.

▌ The birth of Air Max 97


NIKE introduced Air Max technology as early as 1987, and NIKE successfully put Air into the outsole of sneakers. Since then, NIKE has never stopped innovating Air Max. The cushioning technology of every shoe after Air Max 1 has been constantly improved, while among the numerous shoes of Air Max, Air Max 97 is the most innovative one in the series of Air Max.


The Air Max 97 was born in 1997, and its designer, charisma tian Tresser, integrated the high-speed Shinkansen train of Tokyo into the design of the sneaker, bringing the graceful curve of its shoe body.

The multi-layered design of the shoe comes from the rippling lines of the puddles as they rain, giving the Air Max 97 movement.


Inspired by the metallic finish of a mountain bike, the "silver bullet" of the Air Max 97 came to mind with a bang.


▌ Air Max 97 is different from other Air Max Air cushion


Compared with the previous generations of block type Air cushion unit, Air Max 97 has made a new attempt, at that time, NIKE also launched a Zoom Air cushion and whole palm Air - Sole, more sophisticated in terms of Air cushion, so to speak, so the NIKE Air Max 95 based on the heel and forefoot unit interconnected, closes the whole palm length of 3 d model, on the Air Max 97 has created a new form of Air cushion, the bold innovation concept shoe money later laid a solid foundation.

In addition to the new Air cushion mentality, the Air Max 97 Air cushion is also upgraded. NIKE has been trying to create a more environmentally friendly products, leak less harmful gas, and so on the Air Max 97, have replaced the SF6 gas in the Air cushion unit with more environmental protection of nitrogen, in high way in different parts of different pumping pressure of nitrogen, the gas will not loss by the impact of the external pressure, more shock, stability, protection of utility.


Air Max 97 popular many fans


The performance of the Air Max 97 also became the first choice of athletes. At the Atlanta Olympics in the 200 meters, Michael Johnson donned a pair of customized Air Max 97 and achieved good results at the Olympics. Nike's other Olympic star, Carl Lewis, also appeared in the AD, and when he retired from the sport in 1997, it was a hit.

To know in the late 90 s, you put on a pair of silver shoes, it is a cool thing, Air Max 97 for its avant-garde appearance, excellent performance to meet the people at that time the sneaker is yearning for the future, say at the time of the popularity as much as now, especially in Italy, and Japan, people love of Air Max 97 can be said to be close to madness.



NIKE, which also launched an Italian label called "La Silver," has been one of the most valuable rebranded Air Max models in the market for nearly two years.


▌ the return of the Air Max 97


In the past two years, under the triple impact of Nike Air Max Day, the revival of retro sneakers and the popularity of functional style, and the rise of "near future culture", Air Max 97 once again stands on the big stage of fashion. For a while, street and retro style enthusiasts who often wear Gosha Rubchinskiy, c.e., PALACE, Supreme as daily equipment, also regard the Air Max 97 as a must-have item.

▌ Air Max 97 joint series


In addition to original silver bullets, Nike Air Max also has a number of joint collections, such as Nike Air Max 97 OG "UNDFTD", Skepta x Air Max 97, Air Max 1/97, Nike Air Max 97 "Germany" and other excellent shoes.

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